The Friends of Apple Street

The Friends of Apple Street

On Apple Street the sun is shining and six friends are doing what they like best of all. Bella the mouse is riding her pony; Lucy the rabbit is dancing in the courtyard; Pug the Pig is building a boat; and Eliza the elephant is planting poppies in the garden.

But then pitter, patter, plop, splat! -- it's raining in Apple Street! What will the six friends do now?

Meet Queenie the bluebird, who likes to sing; Eliza the elephant who is a keen gardener, Lucy the rabbit who likes to dance; Bella the mouse who rides her pony; Mango the bear guitarist; and Pug the piglet who is building a boat.

Anna Pignataro has developed a warm, colourful picture book about friendship for the very young. Through the use of collage and watercolours she has created charming child-friendly illustrations that are bright and exciting.

Anna Pignataro has illustrated over twenty books for children, two of which she has also written. She has won the Crichton Award for Children's Book Illustration, been shortlisted for the CBCA and YABBA awards, and many of her books are CBCA Notable Australian Children's Books. Anna lives in Melbourne and one day, on her way home, she stumbled on a place called Apple Street. That's where she met the Apple Street friends and every now and then she goes back to Apple Street to visit them.

The Friends of Apple Street
Lothian Books
Author: Anna Pignataro
ISBN: 0734409591
RRP: $27.95