The Ghoul Next Door: Monster High

The Ghoul Next Door: Monster High

The Ghoul Next Door: Monster High

A new teen series with a fresh twist on high school, romance, and the 'horrors' of trying to fit in.

Frankie Stein and co. are back in this hilarious second installment from the halls of Monster High.

Cleopatra de Nile:
New pet snake
Has Deuce-the hottest guy in school - wrapped
Herve Leger bandage dress, strappy gold platforms

Cleo was the queen bee of the RADs, the normies, and everyone in between at Merston High. But now it's "Frankie this" and "Melody that" . . . these new girls sure know how to get her lashes in a tangle. When Cleo lands a Golden Teen Vogue photo opp for her friends everything seems to be back on track...until they bail to be in some film . . . Frankie and Melody's film! Can't a royal get some loyal?

Monster High is based on a concept created by Mattel. Mattel have produced a website, animated webisodes, apparel and accessories, costumes and, of course, toys. Mattel are getting behind this new brand in a big way.

Universal Pictures have signed on to produce a feature film with the writers of Hannah Montana: The Movie on board.

Lisi Harrison was the Senior Director of Production Development at MTV, and was responsible for creating and developing original programming for air on MTV. She currently lives in California. Her previous books include: Monster High, The Clique: The Manga, Bratfest at Tiffany's, It's Not Easy Being Mean, Dial L For Loser and The Pretty Committee Strikes Back.

The Ghoul Next Door: Monster High
Hachette Australia
Author: Lisi Harrison
Price: $16.99