The Good Game Gamer's Guide to Good Gaming

The Good Game Gamer's Guide to Good Gaming

The Good Game Gamer's Guide to Good Gaming

Last year alone, the gaming industry in Australia generated over $1 billion in profit and an estimated ninety-five percent of young Aussies- aged 6 to 15- call themselves a gamer. Eighty-eight per cent of Australian homes have at least one gaming device- in fact, many homes have not only generations of consoles, and they have generations of gamers! So the chances are that someone close to you cares a bit about videogames and also knows a bit about ABC TV's popular show Good Game.

In this fantastic guide to videogaming, the presenters of Good Games have brilliantly packaged up info on the best games of all time, the main genres of gaming, gaming trends, the key developers whose work you need to know about, how to get into the industry, how games evolved and where things are headed, as well as tips on improving your gaming skills! Catering from hardcore pros to excitable newbies, The Good Gamer's Guide to Good Gaming is the perfect dip-and-flip guide to understanding developments, getting good idea, learning about ratings, making connections and finding out what makes gamers tick.

Since 2006 Good Game has built on its loyal and dedicated audience and has championed multiplatform digital delivery. Good Game is now the number-one downloadable show across all of ABC Television (almost one million downloads this year alone). Good Game forums are the most active of all, with well over a million individual posts. The program has achieved international recognition and has been awarded the prestigious Best Video Title award for two years in a row at the annual IT Tech Journo Awards.

Steven O'Donnell is a prominent gaming journalist and the popular co-host of Good Game. He contributes to Radio Australia's Tech Stream, providing a wealth of gaming knowledge. Steven has played every gaming genre in existence but has found an unexplained affinity for any game with space pirates. As an actor he has appeared in over 40 short films and is obsessed with Batman; he dreams one day of being Australia's own caped crusader.

Janet Carr is the creator and series producer of Good Game, ABC TV's program entirely dedicated to the wonderful world of videogaming. Janet worked on a variety of programs during her television career, ranging from Banana in Pyjamas to Lateline before she managed to combine her love of journalism and lifelong passion for videogames with the creation of Good Game.

Review: Not only a great insight into the gaming world, but also helpful for those in the know and those just getting a taste for gaming. Talks on every platform and highlights favourites. Game on everyone!

The Good Game Gamer's Guide to Good Gaming
ABC Books
Authors: Maurice 'Moe' Branscombe, Janet 'Syd' Carr, Steve 'Bajo' O'Donnell and Jeremy 'Junglist' Ray.
ISBN: 9780733325601
Price: $24.99