Fairies A Magical Guide to the Enchanted Realm

Fairies A Magical Guide to the Enchanted Realm

Enter a captivating world of sparkles and spells in this vibrant illustrated book. Discover house fairies, garden fairies, water fairies. Learn about famous fairies from history and fairy foes. Once you've read this book, you'll qualify as a keeper of fairy secrets and a trusted friend of the fairy folk!

Long ago, Titania, queen of the fairies, ruled that the secrets of her kingdom should never be passed to the outside world. However, some children have a spinkling of stardust in their souls, and the fairy queen has agreed that those special little people might be granted a glimpse of her enchanted realm.

Open the pages of this book, and step into a glittering world of fairy magic and mischief. From woodland sprites to garden pixies, and from water nymphs to house elves, here are the fairies that live all around us, if only we would look!

Explore the mysterious world of Fairyland, take a peek inside the fairy queen's magnificent castle and learn about famous fairies from Tinker Bell and the Blue Fairy to the wicked fairy in Sleeping Beauty. Find out how shimmering spider silk gowns are all the rage in the world of fairy fashion, and learn about magical tools, from fairy wants to fairy dust.

About Alison Maloney
Alison Maloney is an author and journalist from Wrotham, Kent. As well as a long stint on the Sunday Post newspaper as a film and feature writer, she has worked as a children's book editor. To date, Alison has written several children's books including Tilly Turner: Champion Gurner, Dig the Dog and One Lucky Duck (all Meadowside Books). Alison lives with her husband and two young children (one of whom adores fairies!).

Review: With delightful illustrations, Fairies is perfect for children & adults that love the fairy realm, and enchanting look into everything fairy from food, to the queen fairy, even the naughty fairy. Fairies will take you into the magical world of fairyland where you can learn about the queen and the different types of fairies, and their homes.

Allen & Unwin
Author: Alison Maloney
ISBN: 9781742371085
RRP: $14.99