The Happiness of Kati

The Happiness of Kati

A bestseller in Thailand, this poignant and beautifully written novel is the story of a 9-year-old girl whose mother is suffering from an incurable illness. Kati's spirited response to the challenges she faces and the evocative Thai setting make this poetic novel especially memorable.

Every morning Kati is woken by the clatter of Grandma's spatula and pan and every night she goes to bed wishing for her mother. Like the canal that flows past her door, Kati's life has a gentle rhythm. But beneath the peaceful surface runs an undercurrent of mystery. Why has Mother stayed away for so long and where is the father Kati has never known? These questions take Kati on an unforgettable journey from the old fashioned house on the canal to a bungalow by the sea and an apartment in the big city.

9-year-old Kati lives with her grandparents but longs for the mother she barely remembers. Kati's mother is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, and finally summons her daughter for a last farewell. In the end, her mothe'rs love will give Kati the strength to make the biggest decision of her life.

An international bestseller in, The Happiness of Kati is a poignant and beautifully written novel.

About the Author:
Jane Vejjajiva was born in 1963 in London. She returned to Thailand at the age of three. Having cerebral palsy from birth limits her movements and books opened to her an imaginary world. After completing a BA with Honours and further studies in translation, she started her career as a magazine publisher before setting up her own company editing a magazine for children in 1995. She now runs the Silkroad Publishers agency and continues to work as a freelance translator and interpreter. The Happiness of Kati is her first novel and was first published in Thailand in December 2003.

The Junior Library Guild (USA) selected THE HAPPINESS OF KATI for their prestigious 'upcoming reading list' in early 2006.

The Happiness of Kati
Allen & Unwin
Author: Jane Vejjajiva
For ages: Children &Teenagers
ISBN: 9781741147537
RRP: $14.95