The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived

The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived

The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived

A new edition of the popular picture book - perfect for beginner readers and for use in schools.

The first time Minton saw him, Hector was shooting right out of a volcano. Hector is the hottest boy who ever lived. No one can come near him, except Minton, the fire salamander. So Hector is unbearably, bone-achingly lonely. Until one day a storm sweeps Hector and Minton far away to the cold snowy lands, where they meet Gilda, a cool Viking adventurer, and life changes for ever...

Minton makes his first appearance in The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived and then stars in all three Minton Goes! books.

'Kim Gamble's vibrant illustrations complement and enhance the text by extending the humour....follow the exploits of Minton throughout the book'- CBC Newsletter

Anna Fienberg and Kim Gamble have created many wonderful picture books together, including The Maginifcent Nose and other marvels, There Once was a Boy called Tashi, the Tashi series, the Minton Goes! series and Jospeh.

Review: Hector is too hot to handle so he lives near a volcano. He's desperately lonely and one night there is a storm that sends him to the Vikings. Feared at first, the Vikings soon appreciate their talented stranger. Beautifully written, this is one to pass down to children.

The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived
Allen and Unwin
Author: Anna Fienberg
Illustrated: Kim Gamble
ISBN: 9781741757057
Price: $12.95