The Joke's On Selby

The Joke's On Selby

For a good laugh and a lot of fun, this is the book to buy this Christmas!

'What a stocking filler! That fabulous talking dog is at it again in a wild and wonderful collection of stories and fun for his countless fans" - Woman's Day

'This dog has no nose.'
'How does he smell?'

Join Selby and Gary Gaggs, Bogusville's craziest comedian with this gathering of giggles and gut-busting gags.

Watch Gary tackle life on a leaky boat with a bad history Chuckle as he gets involved in a film romance iwth a difference. Be part of the epic "Poem that Stopped Bogusville".

And when an unseen heckler beats him to the punchline every time, Gary's in trouble. Selby must not only discover who the phantom gagster is, but stop himself laughing at Gary's terrible jokes... and blowing his own secret.

For the last twenty years Duncan Ball has been captivating the hearts of many young readers with his famous Selby Series.

You name it, and Duncan Ball has likely been nominated for it, or won it! A list of awards that Duncan has been shortlisted for and/or won are the Children's Book Council of Australia Awards, KOALAs, YABBAs, COOLS, KROC, KANGA, as well as the WAYRBA awards and many, many more.

The Joke's On Selby
Harper Collins Publishers Australia
Author: Duncan Ball
ISBN: 9780732288624