The Jonas Brothers Hello Beautiful

The Jonas Brothers Hello Beautiful



With a FREE poster included, find out more and get closer than before tothe world's biggest teen rock hearthrobs ...

THE JONAS BROTHERS: HELLO BEAUTIFUL includes everything youneed to know about the teen rock sensations and stars of CAMP ROCK.

Read about Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas rise to meteoric rock stardom, their likes, dislikes, their pets and hobbies or take the quiz to find out which ofthe boys would be your perfect date. Compare lists of your favourite thingswith THE most dreamy of dream boyfriends and enjoy gorgeous photos onevery page. Hey, you can even add your own photo next to Kevin, Joe andNick and see which one looks best on your arm!

So, have yourself a fine time with the most gorgeous rock brothers on theplanet as they say HELLO BEAUTIFUL. And with a free pull-out bedroom poster this is the perfect gift for all Jonas Brother and CAMP ROCK fans.

* The Jonas Brothers are the hottest young rock group on the planet
* CAMP ROCK, Disney's latest made-for-tv movie will launch theBrothers to a new level of fame
* CAMP ROCK - 2008's answer to HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL - will be shown on the Disney Channel
* Jonas Brothers appeared on the sell-out HANNAH MONTANA: BESTOF BOTH WORLDS tour and with Avril Lavigne on her UK tour in 2008
* If you don't believe how big the Jonas Brothers are, ask any girl between the ages of 7 and 14!

The Jonas Brothers Hello Beautiful is a entertaining book covering insight into the Jonas Brothers and their family background and rise to stardom. With indepth facts on each Jonas Brother, and a school report. Get updated with backstage info on touring with Miley Cryrus aka Hannah Montana, and Camp Rock plus their thoughts on girls, love and dating.

The Jonas Brothers Hello Beautiful
Orion Publishing Group
Author: Posy Edwards
Age: 9-11
ISBN: 13 9781409101604
RRP: 19.99