The Most Boring Person in the Class

The Most Boring Person in the Class

The perfect story for anyone who has ever had to rack their brain and get creative to think of something for 'Show and Tell'!

Humour prevails in Rod Clement's books, with wacky and exaggerated situations and illustrations, and his latest offering, 'Louisa May Pickett' is no exception.

Louisa May Pickett's one and only talent is Show and Tell. At her old school, she was voted 'The Most Interesting Person' three years in a row. But little does she know that the kids at Bobbin Head Primary have a few interesting items of their own for Show and Tell!

When her classmates appear unimpressed with her juggling mouse, singing chair and rare pink polar bear, and constantly outdo her attempts to shine with their own amazing stories, she feels like 'The Most Boring Person in Class'. But then she discovers something wonderful.....

When Rod Clement went to school, his main ambition was to draw and make people laugh. LIving in Papua New Guinea for several years as a child gave Rod an intense awareness of nature, and his initial work was in the realism mould. Rod soon decided that this was too restrictive and that he wanted to draw straight from the imagination.

His acclaimed picture books include 'Counting on Frank', 'Just Another Ordinary Day' and the bestselling 'Edward the Emu' and 'Edwina the Emu', both written by Sheena Knowles. 'Grandad's Teeth' was shortlisted for the Children's Book Council 1998 Awards in the Picture Book Category.

Rod currently workds for the 'Australian Financial Review' drawing daily cartoons, some of which are collected in 'The Economic Rationalist's Guide to Sex'.

"Like many parents we have had a terrible time fulfilling the obligations of our daughter's weekly show and tell. We seem to be one of the few families around here that do...nothing, or at least nothing worth talking about. So, what do we show and what do we tell? When we asked our daughter what the other kids talked about, the answer was often something like, 'Maree showed photos of her trip to Paris or Walter brought in his pet mongoose'! It was this dilemma that sparked off the story of Louisa May Pickett, the wonder child who finally meets her match at Bobbin Head Primary." Rod Clement

The Most Boring Person in the Class
Harper Collins
Author: Rod Clement
ISBN: 0207200297
RRP: $24.95

Briliant! Suitable for all ages, vivid imagination matched with a clever story. Parents will love to read this to their children!