The Name of this Book is Secret

The Name of this Book is Secret

This is the story of a secret, and also a secret story. This is the story of Cass and Max-Ernest, two friendless eleven-year-olds who come together to solve the age-old mystery surrounding a dead magician and the clues he left behind. The first in an addictive new series!

This is the story of a secret. A secret so big and dangerous that even the story itself is a secret. To find out what it is, you have to risk everything...

Self-described survivalist Cass sees potential disaster everywhere, so no one believes her when a classmate is kidnapped by the dazzling but dangerous Dr L and Ms Mauvais. No one except super-talkative misfit Max-Ernest.

Cass and Max-Ernest team up to solve the mystery of the magician's notebook and the Symphony of Smells, discover a secret lost to the ages, and rescue their classmate before his brain is sucked out through a straw.

Along the way they must solve puzzles and word games and face incredible danger.

'A great book with a twisting, turning plot...Rivals the formidable Harry Potter and better than Lemony Snicket.' - Cameron, 12

'Exciting and funny, but beware, because once you start reading it you can't stop.' - Louis, 9

About Pseudonymous Bosch
In a better world, Pseudonymous Bosch would be a famous author, his piercing eyes staring out from magazine covers, his brilliant words quoted in every newspaper. Sadly, I - I mean he! - cannot even tell you his name. Contrary to what you may have heard, this has nothing to do with gambling debts or angry bookies. No, the reason Pseudonymous must remain anonymous is...well, it's a secret. I - I mean he! - can't tell you anything about it. Except this: there is absolutely no truth to the claim that he is really a certain miserable wretch of a writer in Los Angeles. That man is a fraud. And his moustache is much less bushy than mine. Believe nothing he says.

The Name of this Book is Secret
Allen & Uwnin
Pseudonymous Bosch
ISBN: 9781741754315
RRP: $15.95