The Mystery of The Ruby Glasses

The Mystery of The Ruby Glasses

Shey has been left alone. Well, not quite alone, but sent to stay with her boring old Uncle Ruben while her parents take an amazing overseas trip. Her friends are having the time of their lives while she's stuck in a dusty old house full of paintings, with little to do.

Then, Shey discovers an old pair of opera glasses studded with rubies. What would these equisite glasses be doing in Ruben's house?

When she looks through the glasses Shey is transported into the paintings. Sunddenly, she's comfronting a dragon, escaping from evil sirens and facing a sandstorm in Egypt. Will she ever be able to get back home? And what is Uncle Ruben doing in the paintings?

'The Mystery of the Ruby Glasses' is an intriguing story about the importance of past and future.

Lindsay Cripps was born in London and came to Australia with his family when he was seven. After years of travelling to and from Europe, he settled on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland where he is a teacher of creative writing at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Acclaimed writer Gary Crew recognised Lindsay's creative talents and passed on Lindsay's first manuscripts to his publisher with high recommendation.

The Mystery of The Ruby Glasses
Lothian Children's Books / Hachette Children's Books
Author: Lindsay Cripps
Ages: 8-12
ISBN: 9780734408044
RRP: $15.95