e Radiant Child: The Dragon Sword Histories Bk 3

The Radiant Child

Norstalos stands on the brink of destruction. But the three invading armies are probably the least of Queen Merren's problems.

Her people despise their would-be saviours, the army of goblins she has won to her side, while the dragons want Martil and the fabled Dragon Sword for themselves.

Now Merren must make the most painful choice of her life ... marry Count Sendric for the good of the Royal House or the man who loves her, the troubled Champion, Martil.

praise for Duncan Lay:'Hugely enjoyable' Daily Telegraph 'For fans of David Gemmell' Bookseller+Publisher

Duncan Lay is a layout designer and headline writer at the SUNDAY TELEGRAPH. He has always worked in journalism and has worked for a number of different newspapers and media outlets. This is his first novel. He lives on the Central Coast of NSW with his wife and two young children.

The Radiant Child
Harper Collins
Author: Duncan Lay
ISBN: 9780732287702
RRP: $22.99