The Tiara Club Emerald Ball

The Tiara Club Emerald Ball

Little princesses will sparkle, dazzle and delight in this Emerald Ball Summer Special.

Princess Leah and Princess Amelia are so excited! The princesses of Emerald Castle are going on a hot air balloon race tot he Princes' Academy!

And once they are there, the princesses are going to have a croquet match against the princes!

Who will win the match? And will the nasty twins, Diamonde and Gruella, spoil everything for all the other princesses at the grand Emerald Ball that night?

About the Author:
Vivan French worked in children's theatre for ten years as both an actor and writer, and has been telling stories for over fifteen years in schools, community centres and theatres. Her first children's books were published in 1990, and since then she has written more than two hundred books!

The Tiara Club Emerald Ball
Hachette Books
Author: Vivian French
Age: 5+
ISBN: 9781846168819
RRP: $15.99