The Tiara Club Duo books

The Tiara Club Duo!

It's off to Silver Towers and the Princess Academy!
Both glittery series have been combined into two perfectly story bind-ups!

The Princesses from Silver Rose room are going to learn how to become the perfect princesses. All the girls are trying to reach Princess Academy, but with many adventures arising along the way!

Tiara Club's six new dazzling books allow you to follow their exciting adventures in order to reach the Princess Academy. Close friendships, magic and the boarding school setting creates a recipe for lots of wonderful and thrilling adventures!

The Tiara Club Duo includes;

Charlotte and Katie Silver Towers

Princess Charlotte can't wait to see her friends on their first day at Silver Towers. But where is everybody? Why is she all alone?

There's a school outing to meet a real witch, and Princess Katie is thrilled! But Katie and her friends make a magic potion that goes terribly wrong.

ISBN: 9781408306758

Daisy and Alice Silver Towers

Princess Daisy is nervous about her first ride on a merry-go-round - but this is no ordinary ride, and Daisy might just surprise herself!

When Princess Alice and her friends go on a trip to the fabulous Museum of Life, Alice dreams of wearing the famous crystal slipper.

ISBN: 9781408306765

Sophia and Emily Silver Towers

The princesses are invited to a ball at the Princes' Academy. But Oh No - Princess Sophia is having trouble with her dancing lessons....

It's nearly the end of term. Has Princess Emily got enough tiara points to win her silver sash and go to the Silver Ball?

ISBN: 9781408306772

Charlotte and Katie Princess Academy

It's Princess Charlotte's first day at the Princess Academy! Will she make some friends? And will she ever earn any tiara points?

Princess Katie and her friends are so excited about Wish Class today. But what will they use their wishes for?

ISBN: 9781408305829

Daisy and Alice Princess Academy

When Princess Daisy hears that a real dragon is being brought into the Princess Academy, she is terrified. Can she manage to be brave?

Princess Alice is worried that she'll never pass the 'Descending the Staircase as if Floating on Air' test! But then help comes from a new friend.

ISBN: 9781408305836

Sophia and Emily Princess Academy

Princess Sophia and her friends are making their own beautiful ballgowns. But will they be ruined by horrible Princess Perfecta?

When a new fairy godmother arrives at the Princess Academy, Princess Emily is delighted. Fairy Angora is young and beautiful - but is she any good at magic?

ISBN: 9781408305843

Vivian French is married and lives in Edinburgh. She has four daughters and a lot of pets! Vivian worked in children's theatre for ten years as both an actor and writer and has been telling stories for over fifteen years in schools, community centres and theatres. Her first children's books were published in 1990, and since then she has written more than two hundred books.

The Tiara Club Duo!
Hachette Children's Books
Author: Vivian French
Price: $12.99

Review: The Tiara Club are easy to read, enjoyable stories for young girls. Every girl dreams of being a princess, and the Tiara club draws you in to their magical world where real social situations meet dreams to make beautiful uplifting stories.