The Book of Lies

The Book of Lies

A fantasy novel for young adults from award-winning author James Moloney.

Three children, Marcel, Nicola and Fergus, have been left mysteriously in an orphanage run by the kindly Mrs Timmins, but overseen by the fearsome wizard Lord Alwyn and his creature, Termagant.

With the aid of a special book, the Book of Lies, Marcel discovers he is not the person he has been told he is, and as it turns out nor are Nicola and Fergus. When the stranger Starkey arrives, the children?s lives are turned in a new direction and Nicola and Fergus escape with him to find their real parents. Marcel is forced to stay behind, as he is bound to Lord Alwyn?s creature by a ring. But with the help of his friend Bea and Gadfly, a horse with aspirations, Marcel manages to escape and join the others.

But something?s not right. Is Starkey friend or foe? And is Lord Alwyn the evil wizard the children first thought? Then there?s the mysterious Book of Lies can it really tell truth from lies? Ages 10

When Lord's and Ladies quest for fame
A beast will touch the land with flame
Good men will die, their wives will mourn
While children weep for fathers gone

With swords for teeth and skin of steel
With arrowed claw and poisoned heel
The Beast will grow and spread its wings
Destroying rogues and making Kings

When all my pages fill with lies
Let slip the Beast and see it rise
Till one who understands this verse
Commands the Beast and breaks its curse

Parents beware, 'The Book of Lies' will captivate your children and encourage them to delve deeper into their imagination.