30 Australian Sports Legends

30 Australian Sports Legends

30 Australian Sports Legends

The Olympics may be over, but sport obsession in Australia is well and truly alive. 30 Australian Sports Legends features snap shots of the great moments in the lives of Aussie sporting heroes- be they humans, horses, lizards or camels.

For many Australians sport is an obsession- some even call it a religion! With the Olympics just over it's clear that Australians love watching, betting and barracking for their team. Others just enjoy having a bit of fun while keeping fit. Out remarkable sportspeople compete in a huge variety of events, making Australia one of the world's most successful sporting nations.

This collection features thirty of our favourite sports stars and events, including icons such as Ian Thorpe, Cathy Freeman, Dawn Fraser, Donald Bradman and Phar Lap. They appear alongside other greats such as Casey Stoner, Lauren Jackson, Karrie Webb, Midge Farelly and Layne Beachley. Plus, find out about novelty sports for animals and humans such as racing a camel or a lizard, and a boat regatta... in a dry riverbed!

30 Australian Sports Legends has fascinating facts, trivia and - oops! - sporting mishaps perfect for boys and girls aged 8+. With fantastic links to education, this anthology contains subjects such as the human body, setting goals, role models and health and diet. The hilarious and engaging text is complemented by charming black-and-white drawings by award-winning illustrator Gregory Rogers.

30 Australian Sports Legends is the third in Random House's collection of non-fiction titles, following 30 Australian Legends and Icons and 30 Amazing Australian Animals.

Loretta Barnard is a freelance writer and editor who has worked in the publishing industry for many years. She has a Master of Arts in English Literature from the University of New South Wales, and she gives occasional seminars on the writing process. She has been involved with a wide range of publications in a huge variety of fields, including science, history, biography, archaeology, law, business, botany, film and fiction- both for adults and children. Loretta wrote for Historica (ABC books) and Historica's Women (Millennium House) and has done some ghost writing for people who will remain nameless. Her interests include music, reading and the theater. Loretta loves walking and her favourite sport is tennis.

30 Australian Sports Legends
Random House Australia
Author: Loretta Barnard
Illustrator: Gregory Rogers
ISBN: 9781741662863
Price: $19.95