To Hellas and Back

To Hellas and Back

To Hellas and Back

To Hellas and Back is a hilariously funny and deeply moving tale of one woman's journey through love, loneliness and culture shock, set to the tune of screaming bouzouki, a million blasting car horns and a fast crumbling psyche.

A true story Lana, an energetic Sydney girl, gives up her fantastic job as a producer to move to Athens with Dion, her handsome, ambitious Greek-Australian boyfriend who unexpectedly scores a high-powered job in radio.

With reservations towards feta, a very limited Greek vocabulary ('hello' and 'pencil' is as good as it gets) and unwelcome visits from 'The Fear', Lana is left to fill some very, very long days. Who knew plucking your legs could be so time-consuming?

With Dion loving every minute of his new life, Lana finds her boyfriend moving further and further out of reach, just when she needs him the most.

With refreshing honesty, and a hilarious observational style, she describes her attempts to adjust to life in her newly adopted country- trying to learn the language, make new friends, cope with her debilitating depression and preserve her relationship with Dion.

This is a cross-cultural love story with something for everyone- a big fat Greek wedding, an unconvinced mother-in-law, and the best gay pal a girl could ever hope for- all of it set against one of the most alluring backdrops in Europe.

Cranked up a notch from Almost French and Holy Cow, To Hellas and Back will be loved by Australians relocating to other countries, their friends and families left behind scratching their heads, those hurdling the intricacies of cross-cultural relationships, the armchair traveler, and those who love a good belly laugh and tug on the heart strings.

Lana Penrose has worked as a record company promotions manager, music journalist, MTV producer, and as personal assistant to pop sensation Darren Hayes (Savage Garden). She has written for music magazines in Australia and the UK.

Review: Fabulous, could really relate to this, as would most australian's.

To Hellas and Back
Penguin Australia
Author: Lana Penrose
Price: $24.95