Top Bridal MakeUp Tips

Top Bridal MakeUp Tips

Your wedding day will likely be one of the most exciting, love filled and photographed days of your life. When it comes to bridal makeup, whether you're using a professional or going down the DIY route, there's plenty to consider. Your makeup requires a certain level of finesse and organisation and the earlier you start prepare, the less stressful it will be on the day.

To help you have a smooth sailing and fun beauty experience, Jessica Hart from LUMA Beauty's Makeup Artist, Sarah Tammer has shared her top eight bridal makeup tips, below:

1. Zen Facial: My first and most important tip for everyone and anyone (especially for brides) is Zen Facial. I was fortunate enough to have Fumi work her magic on me in preparation for my wedding day. My package included an extra special treatment on the actual day and I was floating on Cloud 9.

Zen Facial is a next level treatment that works from the inside out. I was radiant and glowing from within. It's kind of like yoga meets acupressure, meets massage for the face, body, mind and soul. Toxins are removed through the lymph system, the face looks smaller and less puffy, pores are tightened, lines are smoothed, cheekbones are more defined, eyes sparkle, neck is lengthened, jowls are diminished and the list goes on and on. Get in quick! I'm about to book a package myself because it's just about time for a freshen up/reboot! You can book here:

2. Use a primer: Bridal makeup needs to be long-lasting to ensure you look photo ready all day. That's why priming is essential to help finesse your foundation, ensuring your skin stays flawless for as long as possible. Primers are excellent for keeping oil at bay, while filling fine lines and providing a smooth, ultra-hydrated canvas for your foundation. If you're stuck on which primer is best for you to use on your big day, LUMA Beauty have a fantastic priming moisturiser which ensures a smooth, hydrated base with a hint of glowy-goodness. The Base Perfecting Priming Moisturiser is buildable and feather-light to hydrate, prime and enhance the skin. The priming moisturiser is also infused with crushed pearl to boost your natural radiance, ensuring you look like a beautiful, glowing bride on your special day.

3. Blend, blend, blend: If you are going down the DIY makeup route, blending is key! Blending will give you a smoother, more flawless coverage overall and ensure your makeup looks chic and camera ready at the same time.

One of my secret pro tips; If I happen to apply bronzer, contour powder, blush, eye shadow (basically any cream or powder colour makeup) and I've been trying to blend and it feels like it's not happening, I take my real techniques sponges with some of the foundation or a setting powder on a medium soft powder brush (Rae Morris and Zooeva are my favouritE brushes) and layer and blend over the top to smooth away any hard lines…

4. Invest in the right tools: If you're planning on doing your own makeup for the big day, having quality tools makes creating your look much easier and more fun. I use a combination of fingers, sponges and brushes for the ultimate clean beauty result. Some of my favourites include: Rae Morris, Zooeva, Real Techniques and Beauty Blender.

5. The right lighting is key: Having excellent light is one of the most important things for me as it enables me to create the most beautiful make up looks with joy and ease. Natural light is the ultimate, but I also have a professional LED light in case the available natural light isn't up to scratch.

6. Skincare: Getting into a good skincare regime a few months in advance will ensure your skin is smooth and luminous on your wedding day. Some of my favourite clean and green skincare products include: Zen Facial, Youth to the People, Equal Beauty, Luma, Lepaar, Votary, Edible Beauty, Les Huilettes and Hivita's Luminous White Ultra Skin Renewal Cream.

7. Touch up Kit: Touching up throughout the day will ensure your makeup looks flawless all day long. I recommend having a little touch up kit on hand (if you have lovely bridesmaids they will be happy to help arrange and carry this for you) with blotting papers and translucent face powder to remove any unwanted oiliness, as well as lipstick or gloss and lip liner depending on your look. I love balm to hydrate lips before applying colour. LUMA Beauty's The Balm Multi Purpose is one of my must haves.

Consider packing a little eyebrow brush to ensure brows are in place. If you have gone for a smokey eye with eyeliner on the waterline, it's a good idea to have this eyeliner in your touch up kit as well. Also pop some tissues and a couple of cotton buds into your touch up kit and et voila, you're camera ready!

8. Make time for a trial: Whether you are working with a professional MUA or doing your own makeup, it's very important to have a trial run. After the trial make up application, when you're ecstatic with your glorious look, be sure to wear the make up for an extended period of time so you can see how it wears. That way if anything needs tending to, you're aware and ahead of the game. Things to look out for include oiliness especially in the t-zone, whether your foundation has become cakey, and any creases under your eyes or on your eyelids and smile lines. I am available for private wedding bookings exclusively through