Toxic Beauty hidden chemicals in cosmetics

Toxic Beauty hidden chemicals in cosmetics

Toxic Beauty

What is the true cost of beauty?

Do we know the whole truth about the beauty products we use or are we actively harming ourselves for the sake of vanity? Dawn Mellowship's new book, Toxic Beauty, is a compelling and timely read which provides the essential low-down on the products we use on a daily basis.

Beauty products have become objects of art, beautifully packaged with alluring scents to entice us, but inside those appealing boxes lurks a cocktail of synthetic chemicals. In what many consider the high echelon of the beauty business: the European market, there are over 100,000 chemicals registered alone, most of which have never been tested or barely tested for safety on humans, or their impact on the environment. Chemicals found in skin lotions, deodorants and hair dyes have been linked with tumours, cell mutation, allergies, reproductive complications, endocrine disruption and even cancer.

Isn't it about time we all paid more attention to exactly what goes into those eye shadows, body washes and lipsticks we love to use?

With quotes from leading experts in the field and straightforward, stress-free natural beauty tips, Toxic Beauty is a truly fascinating look at the beauty industry and will open your eyes to what is really sitting in your makeup bag and bathroom cabinet. The book reveals:
Key chemicals you should avoid
Just how natural 'organic' beauty products really are
Fun and easy recipes for natural beauty alternatives to chemical treatments
An alternative beauty guide on the best hair, skin, makeup and anti-ageing products available.

Switching to natural beauty products might seem a tad daunting at the outset, but with this book it becomes a whole lot simpler. Think of it as your very own natural beauty consultant in the comfort of your home, at your beck and call and without the hefty price tag.

Dawn Mellowship is an author, freelance journalist, ethic stylist and web designer. Formerly a features editor of a women's lifestyle magazine, she now writes regularly for broadsheet newspapers and Natural Healthy magazine. This his her fourth book.

Toxic Beauty
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Author: Dawn Mellowship
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