The True Story of Mary who wanted to stand on her head

The True Story of Mary who wanted to stand on her head

A spiky story in rhyme about a girl who has a unique view of the world and just can't be made to fit in! The darkly humorous illustrations by Drahos Zak make an irresistible package.

At Mary's fine school there was only one rule -

Do everything everyone said

And rule number two, introduced by Miss Poole

Was NEVER to stand on your head.

Mary is an upside-down girl and there is just no stopping her.

The True Story of Mary, told in 31 verses, is a celebration of what is wayward, wilful and extraordinary in every child.

For 6 year olds to adult - it's never too late to find the spirit of Mary!

True Story of Mary
Author: Jane Godwin
Illustrator: Drahos Zak
Subject Category: Fiction
Children's Readership: Picture books (younger readers)
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1741147166
RRP: $22.95

Jane Godwin is the highly acclaimed author of many books for children. The Family Tree won the 2000 Queensland Premier's Award (Children's Books), Sebby, Stee, the Garbos and Me was shortlisted for the 1999 NSW State Literary Award and was a YABBA finalist. Jane's most recent novel is Minnie and the Superguys (2004) and she is currently working on a sequel, set in Harbin, Northern China.

Drahos Zak is a fine artist and illustrator. Many of his books, including Murgatroyd's Garden and The Brothers Gruesome, have been internationally acclaimed.

Review: The True Story of Mary who wanted to stand on her head, combines clever rhymes with dark and humorous illustrations that junior readers will love.