Imagine having the power to read minds.

Wouldn't it be brilliant? Kristi Carmichael doesn't think so. People think she's a freak, her mum is a mess, her dad's keeping a bitter secret, her best friends hates her and the most gorgeous boy at school thinks she's sick... oh, and everybody can't get over her enormous gazungas!

A brilliant comic tale of the drama of teen life, with a psych-edelic twist.

Don't think about it. Read it.

Amy Kathleen Ryan reads huge numbers of books and magazines but has not had success in reading minds, though not for lack of trying. She lives in Colorado who her family, but she daydreams of living in Hawaii or Switzerland. Vibes is her second novel.

Review: A true gem, for anyone who has ever exprienced dejavu or thought they had a premonition or vibe this is brilliant.

Hachette Australia
Author: Amy Kathleen Ryan
ISBN: 9780734411068
Price: $16.99