Warilba Lamb Burgers

Warilba Lamb Burgers

Warilba lamb burgers with harissa yoghurt

Serves 4-6

500g Warilba Organic Lamb Mince
100g cooked quinoa
75g gluten free breadcrumbs
1 ½ tsp ground cumin
1 tsp coriander ground
½ tsp ground black pepper

4-6 burger buns
1 avocado – cut in 6
2 carrots – shredded on a mandolin
1 tbsp. Apple cider vinegar
75g Wild rocket leaves

Harissa yoghurt
4 tbsp natural greek yoghurt
2 tsp harissa paste

In a bowl combine Warilba mince with cooked quinoa, breadcrumbs, spices & salt until evenly mixed. Divide these into 6 even size patties and shape them to fit bread buns.
Flash buns in a preheated oven for 1-2mins to crisp up. Slice avocado and carrots. Toss shredded carrot in the vinegar to pickle. Wash rocket if required. Mix the Harissa paste and yoghurt together.
Seal patties in a hot frypan or on a BBQ grill until cooked. Cut burger buns then assemble with carrot, patty, avocado, rocket and harissa dressing. Enjoy!

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