War's End

War's End

An Australian story that has rarely been told.

War's End is a moving work of fiction for children aged 9 and up from an exciting debut Australian author. Set in Western Australia, this novel includes fascinating historical facts and occurrences such as the origins of the ANZAC Day dawn services, and the impact of soldiers returning from The Great War and brings the Spanish Influenza with them. This book is being released with superb timing as 2008 marks the 90th anniversary of the end of The Great War, and next year marks the 90th anniversary of the Spanish Influenza pandemic.

"Suddenly I saw how much Dad coming home mattered to Mum.
She needed him to share with. Pa helped but it wasn't the same, and he needed time to himself as well. I saw that Jack needed Dad home to save his life from being something he hated. And Martha needed him to say she was doing the right thing. I was the only one who didn't need Dad but perhaps I would when I got used to him."

Dad is finally on his way home from The Great War. Twelve-year-old Nell barely remembers him but when the pneumonic influenza enters their lives, threatening Dad's return, she begins to understand the gap in the family his absence has created. This is one family's experience of the end of the way, a time of hope that turned into a time of testing.

Told primarily in a lyrical first-person voice, War's End is a tragic, heroic and unique Australian tale that is yearning to be told. Teachers' Resources will be available to support use in classrooms.

Victoria Bowen is a semi-retired teacher and librarian who was born in Perth, Western Australia. She has also worked in specialist children's bookshops and has pursued a number of interests in children's literature. Victoria has an arts degree from the University of Western Australia majoring in history and literature, a teacher's certificate from Claremont Teachers College and was an Associate of the Library Association of Australia.

War's End
Woodshed Press
Author: Victoria Bowen
ISBN: 9781741663662
Price: $16.95