Whose Eggs?

Whose Eggs?

Whose eggs can you see?
Whose eggs can they be?

In this new and colourful addition to Jeannette Rowe's Whose? series, cihldren have to flip the flaps to discover who belongs to the different eggs shown on each page - there's a platypus, dinosaur, frog and more.

Jeannette Rowe began her career with her well known, award winning Scallywag. Over the past 15 years, Jeannette has enjoyed working with many other wonderful authors such as Paul Jennings, Donna Rawlinks and Duncan Ball.

From her Melbourne bsed studio by the sea, Jeannette Rowe has written and illustrated over forty vibrant pre-school books, whihc are now available in 14 countries and 7 different languages. She has delighted children and parents alike with a huge range of books across the 'Whose' Yo Yo and My series.

Jeannette's work as a writer has grown froma strong educational base, having previously worked as a teacher and curriculum writer. Her books are filled with fun stories and learning opportunities. Counting, naming objects and learning about colours, size and shapes, are just some of the integrated concepts Jeannette weaves into her brightly coloured books.

Whose Eggs
ABC Books
Jeannette Rowe
ISBN: 9780733321153
RRP: $12.95