Why Women Shop Secrets Revealed

Why Women Shop Secrets Revealed

On any typical Saturday morning around Australia the shopping centres and stores are bursting with women - shopping. This seemingly insatiable hobby is much-loved yet largely misunderstood pastime for millions of women around the world. Ask any woman why she shops and often the simple response will be "because I can". The economy has come to depend heavily on the shopping habits of women, but just what is it that makes a woman take to the shops and what does she find when she gets there? 'Why women shop' tackles these and many other questions in this salute to one of the most powerful economic and social forces in the world - the female shopper.

Women in contemporary society are able to shop in a way their grandmothers would have thought impossible. Today women have more power, are better educated, have far more resources and are better able to make their own decisions. Based on the author's extensive research with women of various ages and socio-economic backgrounds, 'Why Women Shop' explores the unique place of female shoppers in contemporary society, including their experiences of shopping, what they like and loathe, and their varying expectations of a trip to the shops.

Full of amusing anecdotes and interviews with women who share passionate opinions about their love or hate relationships with shopping, 'Why Women Shop' also provides a useful insight for retailers, marketers, and advertisers. This research is a wake-up call to the fact that despite the powerful economic force generated by Australian women shoppers, the retail industry is not meeting their needs as consumers.

If you are a friend, partner or relative of a woman who shops, this is the book to help you understand her motivations and experiences. If you are a woman who loves to shop, this book embraces your passion and will show you how to identify exactly which type of shopper you are. Whether you love a day out with the girls, or you just can't bear the thought of rude sales people and fitting rooms from hell, the stories in 'Why Women Shop' will make you laugh and shudder with recognition at the experiences of other women.

Distributor: John Wiley & Sons
Author: Stella Minahan & Michael Beverland
ISBN: 0731402790
RRP: $29.95