Witches Incorporated

Witches Incorporated

Witches Incorporated

Gerald's on a collision course with his friends from Witches Inc... but being in the secret service really does mean he should keep things secret!

The accidental sorcerer finds himself in charge of secrets he can't actually keep.

Gerald is deep in training for his first official assignment- a case if espionage with international consequences.

Melissande, meanwhile, has gone into business... she's opened a new witching locum agency. A one-stop shop where magical problems are solved- for a reasonable price. Managing her own business should be a breeze after negotiating the rough tides of New Ottosland politics

The future is looking good. Good that is, until Witches Incorporated is offered a job that puts Melissande on a collision course with Gerald. Before long, any kid of future is looking increasingly unlikely.

Behind Witches Incorporated:
"I literally sat up in bed one morning knowing I had to write a story about a hapless wizard named Gerald Dunwoody and his dear friend Reg... I also knew that there was a lot more to Gerald than met the eye, and that learning the truth about himself was going to set him on a dark and dangerous path of personal discovery and grand adventure.

I've been a fantasy fan pretty much my whole life, since my primary school librarian got me started on the Narnia series when I was in 4th class. At the same time I fell in love with mystery fiction, since the same librarian introduced me to The Secret Seven and The Famous Five. As an adult I'm still a huge fan of these two genres and read them voraciously.

With the Rouge Agent series I'm able to combine those two reading passions, throw in a splash of humor, and explore some themes and issues in a fantasy setting that hopefully have relevance to our own world"

K.E. Mills is a best-selling writer and former bookshop owner, she lives in Sydney.

Witches Incorporated
Harper Collins Publishers Australia
Author: K.E. Mills
ISBN: 9780732286057
Price: $24.99