Your Face Tells All

Your Face Tells All

Who is the best mate for me?
Will I be rich?
Will I have a long healthy life and a happy marriage?
Do I have the potential to become a famous actor or a Nobel prize winning scientist?

'Your Face Tells All' gives a thorough guidance to Physiognomy, the ancient Chinese wisdom of face reading. What your face can tell about your character, disposition or abilities. If you are lucky in love or business. And much more!

With clear graphics and photos you will learn the secrets and meanings of:

  • Face shapes and the five elements: Fire, Earth, Gold, Water and Wood.
  • The Face's Yin and Yang
  • Five most important features: ears, eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth
  • Forehead, cheekbones, jawbones, chin, laugh lines and more.....

    'Your Face Tells All' features 52 Hollywood celebrity faces to illustrate this 2,500 years of knowledge.

    "I can now understand my husband. He is a Wood personality, and it bothered me he didn't accomplish very much," - Jane Gardner, Florida.

    "I never liked my nose and I was ready to go through plastic surgery. Now I know it is a nose for money, and it would be stupid to change it," Rick Willis, California.

    Erik and Ilona Kanto's book about Physiognomy was first published in Scandinavia. They are giving lectures on this fascinating topic around the world.


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