Goblin in the Snow - Victor Kelleher

Goblin in the Snow - Victor Kelleher

Another fantastic 'Goblin' story by one of Australia's best-loved authors Victor Kelleher. In his 'Goblin' series he has created a kind of anti-hero...a grumpy Goblin who no one wants to be friends with but everyone wants to read about.

Gibblewort the horrible Irish goblin is driving his goblin mates crazy, so they pack him off to Austria for a winter holiday, only at the last minute 'Austria' becomes 'Australia' and Gibblewort ends up in the Snowy Mountains in ski season. Speeding snowboards, giant snowballs, talking fish.....everywhere Gibblewort goes, trouble is sure to follow!

The sixth book in the popular series will delight existing fans and introduce newcomers to the hilarious, quirky, crazy world of Gibblewort the grumpy Goblin.

Goblin in the Snow
Distributor: Random House Australia
Author: Victor Kelleher
ISBN: 1741660254
RRP $11.95