In 1960 two Adelaide convent girls aged nine and twelve initiated lives of long-distance correspondence by writing fan letters to Ed 'Cookie' Byrnes, star of the hit American television series '77 Sunset Strip'. Cookie sported an oil-slicked blond pompadour sired by Elvis that he combed seductively while violently chewing gum - in public. Had he lived in South Australia he would have been branded a potentially dangerous, delinquent bodgie and written off. Instead he was a star and wrote back. Well sort of......

This collection of letters between the celebrated actress Kate Fitzpatrick, her artist mother and her designer sister over forty years, opens a window onto the lives of three fascinating creative women: We follow Kate and Sally as they learn about the world through love and loss, laughter and tears, career highs and lows, separation and reunion, children, birth, death - and above all, masses of travel. We trace Dawn's journey too, as she applies airmail bandaids, imparts trenchant advice, visits her far-flung children, and works on her own projects at home and abroad.

Through letters and stories we watch Kate's life develop and gain insights into why choices were made and turns were taken. In her wry commentary she fills in the gaps, sets the scene, spills secrets, interprets family shorthand and tells wonderful stories.

Airmail is funny, sad, witty roller-coaster ride with one globetrotting family across five continents.

John Wiley & Sons
Author: Kate Fitzpatrick
ISBN: 1740311272