Inner West set for Mediterranean injection of heritage and flavour

Creative Cafe Entrepreneur Aki Daikos together with his wife Kathy brings contemporary Greek cuisine to Dulwich Hill with his new restaurant and bakery Alevri. The highly anticipated new store will showcase the flavour, diversity, provenance and sheer quality that Greece has to offer, and Aussies yearn for. 'We're opening up Alevri because it's a love and a passion of ours and there is a real gap in the market for Greek daily eats like you would find in Greece. A place where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the atmosphere and flavours of Greece without actually being there," says Daikos.

Beyond its cultural food opening, the imminent launch of Alevri is much deeper than that.

"Hospitality is in our DNA through the teaching of 'Philoxenia', which is literally translated to 'friend to a stranger'. At Alevri, we offer the same level of Greek hospitality which Greece has become renowned for, as it will be a destination where family and friends enjoy a meal and talk for hours, catch up on old time and laugh wholeheartedly. There's an old Greek saying that says, "San to spiti sou" which loosely translates to "feel at home" and that's our aim - to make everyone feel at home", says Daikos.

Picking up food from the local bakery is a daily ritual for the Greeks, and it will be no different at Alevri, with the offering including all the home-made, daily baked, staple food one would expect from an upmarket store.

Patrons can expect to find food that is thoughtfully created according to Greek family baking traditions, like Peynerli, a boat-shaped pizza with a fluffy and thick base, and Tsoureki, a soft and fluffy pastry with a beautiful brown semi-soft crust that is rich in flavour – once put in the oven, the intense aromas of the spices permeates the space.

The menu will include its Signature Aussie Moussaka pie, which sees the traditional flavours of Moussaka enveloped within an Aussie pastry shell.

Other foods include Patisserie tarts, loaf cakes, sandwiches, puff pastries, croissants, loukoumades, koulouri, Baklava cheesecake, Mediterranean breakfast boards, traditional Greek Frappe and imported drinks. Catering is also available.

260-264 Wardell Road
Dulwich Hill, NSW, 2203
Monday – Sunday, 7am – 8pm