Grill'd The Good Schnitzel Burgers

Grill'd The Good Schnitzel Burgers

Grill'd The Good Schnitzel Burgers


Grill'd's Good Schnitzel burgers, which have been tested and loved in Victorian restaurants since February, are now available at all Grill'd locations across Australia as part of the new food tribes-focused menu – because everyone deserves to sink their teeth into these knockout schnitzels.

Grill'd founder Simon Crowe expects The Good Schnitzel burgers to be just as loved outside of Victoria, as the new range combines an old favourite with the brand's dedication to provedore positioning.

'Everyone loves a great Schnitzel and our new range is better - and healthier - than anyone else's," Crowe proudly declares. 'In fact, we are confident we've created the best Chicken Schnitzel burgers in Australia and we're encouraging everyone to get to their closest Grill'd to try one for themselves."

Like everything at Grill'd, The Good Schnitzel range tastes amazing because the burgers are made with the best fresh, local ingredients. This includes using RSPCA Approved chickens, making Grill'd the only restaurant to do so nationally. In other words, Grill'd really gives a schnit. These exceptional Chicken Schnitzel burgers are hand-made with a gluten-free crumb and are cooked with a flat press using high-quality Mount Zero extra virgin olive oil, which keeps the chicken juicy and the coating crunchy.

The Good Schnitzel range is part of a larger movement at Grill'd to cater to the various growing dietary food tribes. In addition to gluten free items, the new menu (launched on June 8) expands options for vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, paleo and other diets, making the entire ordering experience easier and tastier than ever for customers adhering to certain diets.

Here are the full juicy details of The Good Schnitzel range:
Black Crumb Schnitzels (made with activated charcoal):
Smoky Blackbird / with jalapenos, fresh slaw & a smoky chipotle mayo
Black with the Lot / with crispy trim bacon, tasty cheese, sour cream, baby cos, tomato & sweet chilli mayo

Golden Crumb Schnitzels:
Pure Gold / with tasty cheese, pickle, fresh slaw & egg mayo
Golden Glow / with avocado, salad, relish & herbed mayo
All priced at $13.50


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