American Girl: Shooting for the Stars DVD

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American Girl: Shooting for the Stars DVD

Cast: Jade Pettyjohn, Cathy Rigby, Ian Ziering, Nia Vardalos
Director: Vince Marcello
Genre: Kids
Rated: G
Running Time: 93 minutes

American Girl: Shooting for the Stars sees a determined young girl named McKenna Brooks use her strengths to turn challenges into triumphs.

Nine-year-old McKenna's favourite activity is gymnastics, and she is on track to make the regional competition because of her hard work and dedication and support from her friends and family. There is one important area of her life, however, where McKenna is struggling to keep up - her school work.

When McKenna has to get a tutor, she's embarrassed - and desperate to keep her tutoring a secret. But when an accident at the gym diverts her from gymnastics, she needs her friends now more than ever. With the secret she has been keeping driving a wedge between her and them, can she find the courage to tell her friends the truth?

And will she recover from her injury in time to return to the sport she loves? A film that the whole family can enjoy, American Girl: Shooting for the Stars is an inspiring and heart-warming film that sees McKenna discover that the same skills she has in gymnastics can help her succeed in school too.

American Girl: Shooting for the Stars
RRP: $34.95


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