Amy Erbacher How To Achieve Front Row Glam Interview

Amy Erbacher How To Achieve Front Row Glam Interview

Amy Erbacher How To Achieve Front Row Glam Interview

Veet, Australia's leading depilatories brand is delighted to announce the establishment of the -Veet Style and Beauty Team' comprising of three leading experts.

Set to benefit Veet fans nationwide, the team sees the much-loved brand collaborating with three well known industry experts in the beauty and fashion arena – introducing Amy Erbacher, Kelly Smythe and Chloe Morello.

Veet's new alliance have come on board as the -go-to' experts in their field, lending their expertise, unique insights and tips to the Australian Veet girl and to encourage these women to love their femininity. Our experts understand there is nothing more feminine than beautiful, touch-ably smooth skin.

Taking on the honorary role of Veet Beauty Director, Amy Erbacher is a professional, qualified beauty therapist with a loyal client base including some of Australia's most famous women from Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Hawkins, as well as American/Mexican actress Selma Hayek. Amy has a Diploma in Beauty and has also studied areas such as anatomy and physiology and skin biology in all her treatments and services – and she is an expert in hair removal. With a background in modelling and television presenting, Amy knows how to enhance inner and outer beauty through a variety of innovative techniques.

Veet's new Beauty Producer was selected for her passion for the brand. Chloe Morello is a 22-year-old beauty enthusiast who is fast becoming one of Australia's biggest video bloggers. With close to 150,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel it's fair to say she knows beauty. Giving advice through her online tutorials, Chloe covers all things fashion, makeup and health, and will be regularly sharing her tips and advice on Veet's Facebook page.

Bringing the fashion element to the fore for Veet is one of the country's most influential stylists – our new Style Liaison, Kelly Smythe. Increasingly called upon to style and dress local A-list talent and international celebrities who visit Australia including Eva Longoria and Melissa George, Kelly has maintained her reputation as one of the leading experts when it comes to fashion and style. Brand Manager of Veet, Natalie Hausman, said, 'Veet is dedicated to helping women look and feel their absolute best. We are thrilled to be working with Amy, Chloe and Kelly – leaders in their respective fields."

With a wealth of knowledge and experience between them, -Veet's Style and Beauty Team' will be sharing their expert advice, tips and tricks for all things beauty, fashion and style.

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Interview with Amy Erbacher

Question: Can you share with us how you go about achieving front row glam?

Amy Erbacher: Be organised, have your outfit and accessories pretty much planned the night before as this will save a meltdown when time poor!
Dewy and radiant skin- have gentle skin peel, exfoliating and hydrating facial before your special event, your skin will thank you for it - not to mention compliments you will receive!
Spray Tan- This is crucial for a natural glow and a hint of colour to even out skin complexion
Groomed hands and feet- no chipped nail polish!
Wear an outfit you feel confident and chic in and finish with a sexy heel

Depending on the outfit, tousled bed hair or a high pony tail. But it is about what style suits you and what makes you feel comfortable. If you feel amazing in your outfit it will show!

Question: What is involved in skin preparation to ensure photo ready makeup?

Amy Erbacher: It is important to have well prepped skin, before make-up shoot as the skin is your overall canvas. A gentle exfoliation, doesn't have to be granular but provided you are using a well-respected brand, you can gently lift dead skin cells from skin. This enables for your moisturiser and other serums to penetrate to the deeper layer allowing for an overall hydrated and even complexion for your make-up.

In addition, have facial or a gentle peel a month before in case you have any underlying impurities that may appear to the surface. Continue to follow through with at home treatments, such as gentle exfoliates two to three times a week. I love using active serums and moisturiser, if you're serious about anti- ageing try topical application of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and sunscreen, I love zinc based ones suited for all skin types.

Question: Can you talk about the upcoming winter makeup trends?

Amy Erbacher: I believe it's great to gather inspiration from runway shows, and tweak slightly and personalise a look that brings out your best features. Just because a model is wearing gold foil on her eyes, does not mean that it will look good for you, going on a first date or an important business meeting as a guide, particularly when trying new looks. I believe it's great to take some elements from the runway and to create a bespoke look for yourself.

I believe looks that are upcoming make-up trends that everyone can wear are:
BROW- Frame your eyes, I believe finishes your make-up look. Try using eye brow powder and pencil to thicken and define your brow.
LIPS- for winter more depth to usual your classic red lippy. Think deep hues, red wine, plum and black cherry for pout colour direction
Foundation- Luminous Dewy Glow, less is more. Key to apply foundation evenly, foundation to be matched perfectly to your complexion and always match your foundation to the complexion of your neck.
Bronzer or Luminiser- This depends on the look you're going for but to warm face and add a hint of colour (if opting for a deep hue on the lips for example), I like a cream blush in colours like soft, pinks, oranges or bronzer.
Luminiser in gold and metallic, looks great for a little extra gleam either mixed into your foundation or apply just the tinniest amount to your cheek bones, just under the eyes, and don't forget cupids bow just above upper lip.

Question: What are the five products you can't live without in your makeup bag?

Amy Erbacher: 1. Mineral Make-up- Treatment foundation for your skin that has an SPF and vitamins for skin.
2. YSL- Radiant Touch Concealer
3. Eye lash curler
4. Mascara- Volume, Extra length
5. Deep Red Lipstick- Anything Tom Ford! I love!

Question: How did it feel to be named as a member of the Veet Style and Beauty Team?

Amy Erbacher: Amazing! To be working alongside a well-established and respected company who have hair removal beauty products placed all around the globe, and they deliver results!

Question: What does this role require of you?

Amy Erbacher: My role as a professionally trained beauty therapist is to educate and inform all beauty lovers how to use VEET products comfortably in the comfort of their own home. As well as provide other beauty insider information like being interviewed for example.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you?

Amy Erbacher: Exercise, followed by 20 minutes of mediation, I believe how you start and finish your day is very important. Prepping my skin health studio for the day, confirming treatment bookings as well as performing skin health treatments either on location for a photo shoot at the studio. I also like to research the latest and greatest ingredients, products and treatments to treat the skin and I gather this information by attending conferences, online webinars and so forth.

Question: What originally interested you about the beauty industry?

Amy Erbacher: From age five, I was always mixing potions and lotions, pretty much anything I could find in the kitchen cupboard, fridge and bathroom. I was applying natural remedies like camomile lotion to my teenage spots and my mother was the first person to introduce me to facials and looking after my skin. Then I was a model and television presenter, clear healthy skin was a must for the industry so I learnt tips along the way and decided that skin was my thing and haven't looked back ever since!

Question: What's the biggest hair removal mistakes, you see?

Amy Erbacher: Gee where do I start! I prefer to use wax then laser. So in regards to waxing mistakes I've observed:
Using wax that is too hot and burning the skin
Not applying wax correctly to area being treated, and not removing wax strips, hot wax correctly, for example pulling wax off in wrong direction.
If skin is not held taught there may be bruising
Applying wax/ cream treatments over opened wounds
Waxing over an area that's be burnt by the sun

Question: What are you best tips in regards to hair removal?

Amy Erbacher: Slow and steady wins the race! See what works for you it may be waxing, depilatory creams, or laser. I personally like waxing, my favourite two VEET waxing products at the moment are Veet Easy Wax, Electrical Roll-On Kit. I love fact that I can take it on the road with me, it's compact, heats up in 20mins, soo easy to use and the wax is pink! Perform this treatment whilst sitting on couch and watching favourite TV series.

Also, Veets High Precision Wax- its compact and I can take it anywhere with me. I also love that it's great for sensitised skin, and formulated so that it is dye and fragrance free and has nourishing almond oil.

Question: What's next, for you?

Amy Erbacher: Committed to my role as Veet ambassador and running my skin health business, as well as writing and educating beauty lovers about skin health and wellbeing through my blog, The blog is just about to be re-launched with some great insider skin health and beauty tips, also through e books, vimeo and You tube videos.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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