Anastasia By Colin Falconer

Anastasia By Colin Falconer

'Some men don't fall in love; they get lost. I was lost from the moment I saw Anastasia Romanov in the taxi club that first night...'

Shanghai, 1921.
American journalist Michael Sheridan jumps into the freezing waters of the Whangpoa River to save an enigmatic young woman. A white Russian refugee working the taxi clubs of Shanghai, Anastasia bears an extraordinary resemblance to the princess of the same name, rumoured to have survived the brutal murder of her family at the hands of Bolshevik revolutionaries. The fate of the youngest daughter of the last Russian Czar has became one of the most talked about mysteries of the time. But Michael's Anastasia is suffering from amnesia and cannot remember more than the last year of her life.

Unravelling the mystery of her past and her identity takes Michael and Anastasia from the streets of Shanghai to the decadence of pre-war Berlin and London, from Bolshevik Russia to New York, just before the Wall Street crash. Michael is the only man who has ever helped Anastasia without wanting something in return - but can she give up the chance to be a princess for true love?

Spanning the turbulent and romantic decade of the twenties, internationally bestselling author Colin Falconer weaves a tale of murder and betrayal, royal scandal and financial intrigue - and ultimately, one of the greatest love stories ever told.

Intriguing, dramatic and intensely romantic. You will fall in love with Anastasia and her passion for life.