Anonymity Jones

Anonymity Jones

Anonymity Jones

Anonymit's life has been shattered.
Everyone she trusted has let her down.

Life goes on, but she is stuck.
All she wants is for people to see the truth.

Once, in a street not very far from yours, there lived a girl called Anonymity Jones.

Anonymity's life is falling apart. Her father has left to have a mid-life crisis, her mother's new boyfriend is a definite worry, her Europe-bound sister has changed her name (just to make a point) and all her girl friends are now girlfriends, with boyfriends.

And then there's the art teacher.

Anonymity is losing control, and it's decision time. Does she hang on, get out, or get even?

James Roy explores contemporary issues in his award-winning, compelling style in this new book. Written with a convincing teen voice, Roy covers topics such as family dynamics, friends, school life, trust and self-control. Perfect for young adult readers 14+, Anonymity Jones heralds another brilliant novel from one of Australia's most popular authors.

"Loved it... the voice of Anonymity is pitch perfect. I loved how (Roy) dealt with the 'serious' issues in such a quirky way. And as for the... ending- wonderfully subversive." - Pam Macintyre, PhD and lecturer, University of Melbourne and editor of Viewpoint: On Books For Young Adults.

James Roy James Roy was born in western New South Wales in 1968 and spent much of his childhood in Papua New Guinea and Fiji, adventuring by day and reading books at night. Then one day, tired of reading books by dead people, he decided to start writing his own. Since his first novel was released in 1996, James has written a number of critically acclaimed works of fiction and non-fiction for young people, including the CBCA Honour Books Captain Mack and Billy Mack's War, and six CBCA Notable Books. In 2008, Town also won the Ethel Turner Prize for Young People's Literature in the NSW Premier's Literary Awards, as well as the Golden Inky in Australia's only teenage choice awards.

James lives with his family in the Blue Mountains. He enjoys trying to make music and art, doesn't like olives very much, and hasn't entirely abandoned his dream of sailing around the world.

Anonymity Jones
Woolshed Press
Author: James Roy
ISBN: 9781741664539
Price: $17.95


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