Being a Girl Kim Cattrall Navigating the ups and downs of Teen life

Being a Girl Kim Cattrall Navigating the ups and downs of Teen life

"That I have found useful throughout my life is to remain curious about what I don't know, listen to my instincts, and use my own judgment to guide me" Kim Cattrall.

Thanks to her role as frank-talking Samantha Jones on the smash television series 'Sex and the City', Kim Cattrall has become a teen icon. Young women who meet her are always asking for advice - about friendship, dating, losing weight, makeup, what's hot, what's not. Now in a book written especially for girls, Kim tackles many of the questions that teen fans have asked her again and again.

Whether you're struggling with self-esteem, dealing with parents who are driving you crazy, or trying to find your own unique style, 'Being a Girl' will give you a new perspective on life as a teen.

And just in case you think that no one, including Kim Cattrall, could possibly understand the things that are happening in your world, Kim lets you in on some of the things that were happening in her world as a teen - being a shy late bloomer, coping with authority, and struggling to find herself while pursuing her goal of becoming a professional actress.

Filled with Kim's personal stories and photos - and featuring original illustrations by London-based cartoonist Martha Richler - 'Being a Girl' is one teen advice book you won't want to be without.

Kim Cattrall is know to millions of devoted fans around the world for her award-winnng performance on 'Sex and the City'. Born in Liverpool, England and raised in Canada, she moved to New York City at the age of sixteen to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts - one risk that was definitely worth taking - and has worked extensively in theater, film, and television since then. 'Being a Girl' is her third book, and her first for teens.

Being A Girl
Hardie Grant
Author: Kim Cattrall
ISBN: 9781740664073
RRP $19.95

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