Belmont and the Dragon

Belmont and the Dragon

A would-be knight and a chicken of a dragon rock the Olde Worlde town of Old York.

In the mad-cap medieval metropolis of Old York lives a boy called Belmont. He's always on the lookout for action and adventure and has a knack of finding trouble wherever it may be.

One day when he sees real-life knights riding out with the Princess Libby for her daily gallop in Centaur Park, he decides to set off a quest to find a dragon- a goofy, accident-prone, phobia-ridden, fire-breathing one called Burnie.

But he fins more than he bargains for along the way and is the only one who can save the Princess from the putrid Pink Pixies and their mistress, the particularly nasty Redwitch.

Belmont and the Dragon is a hilarious new series for 5+ aged boys who like plenty of action, madness and mayhem, by Mike Zarb, the stunning talent who first illustrated the internationally successful Pearlie series. Zarb, who is currently working on the Pearlie animation, has created 48 pages of full0colour illustrations and his creative partner, animation writer Robin Gold brings the story to life with witty words. This Australian due has created Belmont and the Dragon to enthrall any beginner reader with a rollicking story and hilarious images.

Robin Gold:found out, quite by accident, that writing is a real job. He wrote and illustrated his first novel (a 21 page, handwritten epic) at age 11. He abandoned his first career choice of departments store Santa Claus when informed that work was strictly seasonal. Since then he has written for film and television and co-created animation projects with his colleague Mike Zarb. Robin lives in a hundred-year-old house on stilts with his wife, two sons and silk necktie collection in a leafy Brisbane suburb.

Mike Zarb has been an illustrator, production designer and storyboard artist for over fifteen years, and has worked for various animation studios around the world. As well as illustrating Belmont and the Dragon, he is presently directing Pearlie, an animated series based on the Random house book by Wendy Harmer, which he also illustrated. When he's not working aboard, Mike lives in Sydney.

Belmont and the Dragon
Random House Australia
Author: Robin Gold
Illustrator: Mike ZarbISBN: 9781741663204
Price: $14.95