Belmont the Dragon The Wand and the Sword

Belmont the Dragon The Wand and the Sword

A would-be knight and a chicken of a dragon go in search of the legendary sword of King Arthur

Sweet Shmegeggy! Say it ain't so!

The Redwitch has seized control of Old York with the awesome magic of Merlin the Magician's wand. Only the legendary Excalibur, sword of King Arthur, has the power to overcome the mighty wand - but Excalibur has been lost for centuries...

Join Belmont and Burnie as they face danger and adventure on their exciting quest to find Excalibur and save Old York from the clutches of the Redwitch!

THE WAND AND THE SWORD is the second book in this early reader series by Robin Gold and Mike Zarb, creator of the illustrations for the hit PEARLIE series.

ROBIN GOLD found out, quite by accident, that writing is a real job. He wrote and illustrated his first 'novel' (a 21-page, handwritten epic) at age 11. He abandoned his first career choice of department store Santa Claus when informed that work was strictly seasonal. Since then he has written for film and television and co-created animation projects with his colleague Mike Zarb. Robin lives in a hundred-year-old house on stilts with his wife, two sons and silk necktie collection in a leafy Brisbane suburb. MIKE ZARB has been an illustrator, production designer and storyboard artist for over fifteen years, and has worked for various animation studios around the world. As well as illustrating BELMONT AND THE DRAGON, he is presently directing PEARLIE, an animated series based on the Random House books by Wendy Harmer, which he also illustrated. When he's not working abroad, Mike lives in Sydney's North Shore.

Belmont the Dragon The Wand and the Sword
by: Mike Zarb & Robin Gold
ISBN: 9781741663211
RRP: $14.95