Nails, Skin & Hair


Pimples, although a reality, can also be a real nightmare for an adolescent. Unfortunately they are all part of the growing up process and even the likes of Cindy Crawford had to endure the pimple blues when she was in her teens.

The key is to understand what causes pimples and how to best avoid them returning.

The skin contains a huge number of pores (tiny holes) connected to your glands which are responsible for producing the oils to keep the skin healthy. At puberty these glands are more active and produce greater oil, resulting in pimples.

Pimples can be avoided by regularly washing the skin with soap and water (do not exceed three times a day). Fingertips are a terrific source of germs so the more often a pimple is touched, the more it is aggravated, so avoid touching pimples. Stress can often encourage and trigger pimples, so the key is to reduce the level of stress in your life. Avoid cosmetics and sunscreens which are oil based and take more care of personal hygiene around period time.

There is no 'cure' for pimples but knowing how to control the problem will decrease the chances of them returning.


Exfoliation is when you scrub your skin so the dead cells on top fall off and make way for new ones. Dead cells that don't die away by themselves tend to gather in clumps, blocking pores and causing breakouts, uneven skin and a dull complexion. You don't necessarily have to use an exfoliator to scrub away lifeless skin, the same result can be achieved by using a warm wet face towel.


A healthy diet is essential when it comes to having healthy nails. Be sure you are consuming the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamins A and D.

FACT: It takes three to six months to grow nails from the base to the tip, so don't expect miracles overnight.


Beauty is all about looking your best and the best make-up should look like you're not wearing any at all. Highlight your assets and disguise any flaws with 'no make-up' make-up. Remember 'less is more'.

NATURAL EYES: Eyes should look fresh and open. To achieve this look, apply a light sand/beige colour to your eyelid and blend upwards. Using your blush brush, dust over each eye only using a little colour. Highlight your brow bone with a white or pearly pale colour. Finish with a sweep of black mascara.

SOFT LIPS: To achieve a soft, natural effect, tinted gloss is the way to go. If more definition is desired, apply a nude lipliner underneath the tinted gloss.

RADIANT GLOW: The hottest colour for cheeks is pale pink, not bronze. For fair skin choose a rose pink, for darker skin try using a wine or berry shade. Lightly dust shimmery blusher over cheekbones. Finish off by highlighting the cheekbone with a luminous powder or stick.

BARE SKIN: Skin should be moisturised before applying foundation, this will enhance its natural radiance. Next, smooth on a sheer foundation to even out skin tone. Avoid a powder or matt liquid base and opt for a lightweight satin, cream or tinted moisturising foundation.


Sleek look hair is very big this winter and can be achieved by firstly towel-drying hair, combing and detangling hair thoroughly. Then pull hair back tightly adding styling products to keep hair in place, and position ponytail an inch above the nape of the neck. Voila, you have a sophisticated and stylish hairstyle in minutes with minimum fuss!

- Annemarie Failla