Natural Skincare for Normal Skin

Natural Skincare for Normal Skin
Natural skincare for Normal + n-d Combination skin

~ Natural skincare for Normal skin ~

Pores: fine - medium; may have small areas of enlarged pores on apples of cheeks, nose or chin
Texture: firm and smooth, even texture and colouring
Sebaceous Activity: neither too dry nor too oily, well balanced - may have patches of oiliness
Visual Analysis: makeup looks smooth and lasts well; may experience minor breakouts related to a "big night out", hormones, or stress. Watch for any premature ageing under eyes, as this area tends to need more moisture due to lack of sebaceous (oil) activity; may experience minor breakouts relating to hormonal cycle.

Pores: as for normal skin, may be invisible in dry areas
Texture: as for normal skin, may also have dry patches on cheeks, chin or forehead
Sebaceous Activity: Cheeks tend not to have much oil flow, and if this is combined with areas of dehydrated, patches on cheeks and forehead may feel a little tighter than elsewhere.
Visual Analysis: as for normal skin, prone to dry skin around eyes, outer cheek area and neck, premature ageing may occur in dry areas if moisture levels are not maintained.

Normal skin is extremely healthy, and requires no unique care. It is blemish free, smooth and soft, and responds well to mild cleansing, and light, non-greasy moisturisers. Immersing your skin in your own mixture of some of the botanical ingredients listed below, will leave it feeling hydrated, and give additional benefits of reviving any leftover lackluster, dull complexions left over from winter.

There is no better time than the present to get into the habit of facial massaging. This will tone and tighten the muscles of the face, and using your own personalised blends of natural skincare, improves your circulation, allowing your skin to look and feel nourished. Normal skins need only a little more work to keep them blemish free and well-hydrated. So drink lots of pure water, eat a variety of fresh fruit + veges, fresh air + exercise are always beneficial, and remember to always apply sunscreen, especially in the hotter months, as this is the best approach to prevent premature ageing!

There is a wide variety of essential oils to choose from when choosing a blend of oils for Normal skin remedies. If your skin is slightly oily, then you may like to incorporate some of the oils from the previous article for oily skin.

A nutritious, easy to mix combo that is gentle, yet strengthening for normal skin is a blend of geranium, lavender and jasmine, mixed into a base oil of sweet almond.
· Jasmine - a beautifully nourishing oil that balances the skin
· Lavender - the powerful "all-rounder" oil, regenerative, healing, and promotes the prevention of scarring
· Geranium - balancing properties, and aids circulation

Other choices for normal / n-d skins include:
· Mandarin - tones skin
· Juniper Berry - good for circulation
· Neroli - good for sensitive skin and broken capillaries; helps cell growth, circulation; nourishing for normal-dry (n-d) combination skin
· Roman Chamomile - is very soothing if skin is sensitive
· Sandalwood - a very soothing and strengthening oil, nourishing oil for n-d skin
· Rosemary - used as a hot compress is beneficial for reviving tired skin by helping revitalise skin tone and colour

Jojoba oil is an excellent base oil, due to it's similar composition to sebum, regulating oil levels for normal skin, and balancing hydration.
Carrot oil is an instant multi-vitamin hit for the skin, rich in: A, B, C, D and E vitamins, which are beneficial to protecting and nourishing normal skin. Use only a small proportion, as the strong pigment may cause the skin to take on a slightly yellow tinge...
Sunflower oil, is a light, easily absorbed oil, rich in A, B, D and E vitamins, so is just right for normal and n-d combination skins.

Adding Honey underneath a mask treatment is delicious for normal skin, as it smoothes and nourishes the skin by regulating the skins moisture, and is particularly good for dry and sensitive skin.

*To minimise irritation when using aromatherapy in your skincare, it is recommended that a maximum of 50 drops of essential oil is added to 100ml of carrier oil. When using oils like tea tree and lemongrass add only 1 - 2% to dilute for sensitive skins.

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