Lux Dancing Light & Creamy Delight Body Wash

Let your star qualities shine through with the glamous Lux Body Wash and Shower Gel ranges. Spoil your skin with the three new products, formulated with skin brighteners and sparkling fresh fragrances, while being dazzled by the new look packaging.

All Lux products in the Body Wash and Shower Gel ranges are 100% soap free and produce a skin pH balance gentle cleansing lather.

Luminous Touch Body Wash - she cream & skin illuminators

Lux Luminous Touch Body Wash wraps your body in delicate skin brighteners, leaving your skin with a beautiful glow you can see. RRP $5.49

Dancing Light Body Wash - reflects & illuminates

Lux Dancing Light Body Wash, with moisturisers and light reflecting minerals, leaves your skin with a luminosity ready to flirt with the light. RRP $5.49

Creamy Delight Body Wash - orchid milk & pearl protein

Lux Creamy Delight Body Wash has a luxurious lather, enriched with pearl proteins and orchid milk. It helps to keep the skin smooth and moisturised, leaving it radiant with a beautiful glow from top to toe. RRP $5.49

Indulge Body Wash - nerolie & ylang ylang

Lux Indulge Body Wash contains natural extracts of neroli and ylang ylang, know to provide aromatherapy benefits of arousing your senses and enhancing intimacy. The rich, creamy lather indulges your body, leaving your skin feeling pampered and deliciously silky. RRP $5.49

Spice Body Wash - cinnamon & vanilla

Spice up your life with Lux Spice Body Wash, containing natural extracts of cinnamon and vanilla which are know to provide the aromatherapy benefits of passion and warmth. The rich, aromatic lather will leave your skin feeling sensuously soft and smooth. RRP $5.49

Shimmering Sea Shower Gel - sea minerals & skin brighteners

Lux Shimmering Sea Shower Gel, containing sea minerals and skin brighteners, helps restore radiance to your skin whilst a sparkling fresh fragrance awakens your senses. RRP $5.95

Berry Frappe Shower Gel - strawberry & raspberry blend

Wake up your skin with the goodness of berries. Lux Berry Frappe Shower Gel with natural extracts of strawberries and raspberries blended into a fresh and fruity shower gel, stimulates your senses to leave your skin feeling healthy. RRP $5.49

Oxygen Boost Shower Gel - enrich & revive

Oxygen is an essential source of life and vitality. Lux Oxygen Boost Shower Gel enriches and revives to help brigh life and vitality back to your skin. Feel the fresh lather replenish your skin, leaving it feeling soft and invigorated. RRP $5.49

Mint & Lime Crush Shower Gel - invigorate & freshen

Feel the revitalising effect on your skin when you shower with this natural blend of mint and lime extracts. The refreshing fragrance and gentle lather combine to leave you feeling invigorated and sparkling clean. RRP $5.49

Available from leading supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide or call 1800 061 027 for stockists.