Minimise Damage By The Sun

The following is a small guideline of things you can do to minimise damage in the sun this summer.

* Ever heard of Slip, Slop, Slap?

Well this should be put into practice and stuck to throughout the year. Put on sunscreen whenever you're in the sun. This is one of the most important rules to remember. Wearing a pair of UV protectant sunnies is also highly recommended. Living with cancer or getting a stroke are not the best ways of living life to the fullest, so if you want to live long, then you have to start doing something about it now.

* Drink plenty of fluids.

I know this is one of those things that is obvious and said over and over again, but the importance of proper hydration to the body is phenomenal. Water is great for this, however, especially when being active, a drink containing electrolytes (such as salt and potassium) is the best option. At least 2 litres of water should be drunk everyday, which approximates to about 8 normal glasses.

You are probably asking why is this so important? Well, the cells in your body all consist of water. It is through this fluid in the cells that the cellular functions take place. This includes making energy, and keeping our skin firm and tight. Thus, if you are dehydrated, you will notice a possible decrease in energy and your skin will feel somewhat different. Not only that, but water also helps get rid of toxins, so you can also get an increase in unwanted substances leading to problems such as oily, clogged pores, which may result in acne.

* Be sensible about tanning.

Think about the consequences of sitting in the sun with no protection from the harmful UV rays. Do yourself a favour; don't torture yourself just to impress a guy. If they don't like how you are, then they don't deserve you. If you are still going to sit in the sun without sunscreen, then at least do it in the afternoon, when the UV levels are relatively lower. And remember, its better to be non-tanned and live to 80, than to be tanned and have to suffer from cancer for the rest of your life.

* Let your skin breathe.

By this I mean, be natural, wear little or no make-up. You will notice that your pores will be cleaner and less clogged up since things such as perspiration will be able to freely go through.

SO use common sense when it comes to being in the sun, think about your health in the present and in the future.

- Peter Spinda