Lilliane Caron Beauty Roadtest 2

Lilliane Caron Beauty Roadtest 2
Active Woman

Stripaway is extremely versatile and has been designed for active women. Whether you are an all year gym junkie, party girl or simply busy, Stripaway is the fast, convenient and effective do it yourself solution to hair removal.

Stripaway 20's for body RRP: $9.65 Stripaway 16's (for face) RRP: $8.95

Five Times Lucky with Stripaway Versatiles

Sripaway's new ultra soft formulation provides an even layer of wax already applied to the strips. This special formulation is actually used in professional salons, providing an extremely effective hair removal solution. The strips are easy to use and can be applied to all parts of the face and body. There is no heating, spatulas or messy residue associated with the routine, which is why pre- waxed strips are currently enjoying immense popularity.

The Stripaway strip can be applied up to five times on different areas of your body throughout your routine. One routine can last up to 6-8 weeks. Stripaway is not water soluble, for best results use in conjunction with Lilliane Caron's After Waxing Oil.

Getting Fresh


Cool Hair removal gel, available 350g tub with 6 re-usable strips.

Want a Coolaway to remove your winter coat? If you are sick of the fuss associated with preparing warm wax, Coolaway will provide a totally convenient hair removal solution that requires absolutely no heating. The Coolaway formula combines a powerful grip that is able to remove hairs as small as 1mm from the surface whilst removing the roots of the hair, retarding growth for up to 6 weeks. The formula is water- soluble and contains antiseptic peppermint oil to soothe the skin and alleviate potential irritation. Coolaway is suitable for all parts of the body.

RRP $15.95

Routine Round Up

No Greasies- After Waxing Oil with Tea Tree

The best way to cleanse and soothe the skin after waxing, Caron's After Waxing Oil is a non-greasy, dry oil that moisturises and removes all waxy residue. Tea Tree Oil acts as an antiseptic to remove any bacteria that is prone to causing pimples and pustules after waxing.

Because the unique formula is lighter than other greasy lotions on the market, it can be used as part of your everyday body moisturising routine and it won't stain clothing.

RRP: $ 7.95

Lilliane Caron products are available at: Priceline, Target, K-mart, Coles, Bi-Lo, Foodland (WA), Petra, My Chemist, Full Life Pharmacy, Tomeo & Laslett.