Captain Scarlet Season 1 and 2 DVD

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Captain Scarlet Season 1 and 2 DVD

Rated: PG

Nearly 40 years ago the world trembled for the first time as the vengeful alien voice of the Mysterons threatened global death and destruction. In 2005 the invisible, body-snatching Mysterons will wage war again, and Gerry Anderson's indestructible hero Captain Scarlet will once more go into action – this time with no strings attached! Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet will take family sci-fi action adventure to another level and CGI television animation into a new dimension. Set twenty years after man's first steps on Mars, Captain Scarlet and Captain Black - agents of elite security force Spectrum - are sent to investigate alien signals from the planet, but trigger a war with the Mysterons, who possess the awesome power to rebuild and control matter.

Captain Scarlet Season 1 and 2


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