The Bloodpoets

The Bloodpoets

The Bloodpoets

The Bloodpoets are; Tom Murphy (Vocals & Guitars), Jason Marles (Lead Guitar), Jake Parker (Bass), Todd Orchard (Drums) and Bec Plath (Keys & Backing Vocals). Tom Murphy began The Bloodpoets in Germany, after writing songs and busking on the streets of Erlangen, a sleepy quiet town 30 minutes from Nuremberg. Within a year in Erlangen and a growing collection of original songs mounting, Tom went to a house party in which a strange man with no connection handed him a right handed guitar. Tom of course being left handed flipped it over, and reluctantly played the new song he was writing. This man was young up and coming producer Fabian Strangl, who was a new engineer at Paperplane Records. Fabian organised an audition the next day for Tom and that afternoon a schedule had been set to record Tom's new music.

Within three weeks of that schedule, 'Fire In Erlangen' had been written and recorded set to be released to the German market, and a flight booked for Tom's homeland had been booked to promote it in Australia.

The Bloodpoets released their debut EP 'Fire In Erlangen' in 2006 to rave reviews. Time Off called the EP 'Glorious' giving it 4/5, and Tsunami Magazine quoted as saying "It's a proud achievement for the people of Hervey Bay" (singer of the band originates from Hervey Bay).

The success of 'Fire In Erlangen' has seen the band on the mainstage of the Turbot Street Party, Valley Fiesta, and co-headlining the Yagubi Festival with the Gin Club and Kate Miller Heidke in 2007. With their touring schedule also including shows with Bluejuice, Butterfingers, and an acoustic performance with The Angels.

In 2009, The Bloodpoets released 'Borderline' as the band's debut single from their new album 'Polarity'. "The song is about borderline emotional problems," says Tom of the single. "People trying to cope with feeling different because of things they can't change (i.e. personality disorders - obsessive, compulsives, etc)".
"The fight back element is really translatable to anybody who is feeling any sort of repression/suppression; so the song is about getting aggressive about the situation and changing it immediately for the better".

Immediate responses for the single was from Triple J where the band had been featured on unearthed for two months consecutively, and receiving a large circulation of play over the summer of 2008. Richard Kingsmill has described the single as "catchy and a brain sticker for sure." Already, The Bloodpoets have snagged many high profile supports including The Boat People, British India, End of Fashion and The Whitlams.

To seal this success off, the band were then picked up by Channel V and 'Borderline' was the most requested song on Channel V online for two weeks running and was rated the number one band in the country on Austereo's digital network, Radar Radio.