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I am 20 yrs old and have horrible Dark circles under my eyes, what can I do? Can you please advise me on the best make up tips, as I am embarrassed because people comment on how dark my circles are. Thanks.


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Shu Uemura have an eyeliner for the inner rim of your bottom lashline, that is known and loved by makeup artists as "eight hours sleep in a stick". This makeup treasure brightens dull eyes, and used with concealer will give your dark circles a fresh eyed look!

Dark circles are a nasty, yet common makeup dilemma! Sounds like you need a light textured concealer with good coverage - about a shade lighter than your foundation if they are recessed, and a tad darker if they are puffy. Use it sparingly, and only in the dark area, otherwise it will bring attention to the whole area, rather than disguise it.

There are a few good brightening eye creams available specifically for dark circles, like Aveda's Tourmaline charged eye crème - which is designed to energise tired eyes!

Dark and tired skin under the eyes may be the result of poor nutrition, climate changes, your night-lifestyle, as well as alcohol, nicotine or other drugs. Are you getting enough sleep? Maybe your coffee intake is a bit too high. Massage is beneficial as it aids the lymphatic system and improves circulation. Make sure you are drinking enough water, as pure water is essential for the flushing out of toxins in the body. You may need to address your concerns with your health care professional, whether it be your naturopath or doctor, as sometimes dark circles may indicate liver or kidneys needing attention.

Appropriate care needs to be taken when working around the delicate skin around your eyes. On days where your circles are more noticeably dark, wear minimal eye makeup and avoid lining under your eyes - stick to lighter, brighter warm pinks or soft bronzy peaches on your top lid, and finish with brown mascara. Accent your lips with a shiny, sheer cherry gloss. A fake tan or bronzed complexion also hides your circles more, as there is less contrast - just don't apply your tan under your eyes...

For more makeup tips on covering overly dark circles, click here MAQ.COM.

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