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Beauty Doc tip:

As the weather warms up, remember to always apply sunscreen as part of your morning skincare / makeup routine, as this is the most effective treatment when it comes to preventing premature ageing...

Gold foundation

I bought this gold shimmer liquid foundation that I read everyone is wearing, but don't know how to use it, because if I put it on like normal foundation, I look like I'm from Star Trek... Please Help!

Golden Girl

Hi Golden Girl

(Beauty Doc tip:

Shimmery foundations reflect light, so are best used to highlight cheekbones, forehead, bridge of nose and chin.)

When you are using a colour specific shimmery foundation, think about where the sun hits your face when you are outside, and use the foundation on these areas (as mentioned above ). Gold based shimmers add warm highlights and can be used alone to give the skin a naturally sheer and healthy glow, or under your regular foundation to revitalise tired looking skin.

If you are finding that using the shimmery gold alone is too much, then mix a little into your liquid foundation to give a subtle illuminated finish to your skin.

Shimmery makeup is addictive, so in this instance, remember that less is more and choose a specific area to highlight, rather than going for an all over effect. If you are using shimmery foundation, then don't overdo the whole shimmer thing by having shimmery eyes, cheeks and lips... This will definitely give you a spaced out look!

If your skin is oilier, then keep these illuminating products to a bare minimum as they can make your skin look oilier - like on your cheeks and above your eyebrows if your t-zone tends to have an oily sheen before too long. Shimmer is most effective when it is featured, so to complete this look, blend a soft luminous eyeshadow, sheer bronzed cheeks and a shiny tinted lip gloss - this is one of my fav looks for summer, and makes the most of your shimmer by mixing textures so that you are not a golden glowing beacon!!

*Try using your golden shimmer on your collar bones and shoulders, or as an all over colour wash on your arms and legs to give you that radiantly healthy summer glimmer!

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