Drift Home the first voyage by Dale Peck

Drift Home the first voyage by Dale Peck

A long low rumble of thunder vibrated the house from top to bottom, as if it could shake the whole crooked structure out to sea ...
When Susan and her younger brothers Charles and Murray, are sent to stay with their eccentric uncle Farley in Canada, little do they realise that they are stepping into the adventure of a lifetime.

When three young children go to Newfoundland to stay with an eccentric uncle, they have no idea of the adventures that lie ahead of them. On arrival at his house they realise quite quickly that life here will be different to New York. The house looks like a ship and seems to be beached on the hillside! Even stranger, when the children awake the following morning they realise that the house is floating on the sea of time, being drawn closer and closer to the great drain, and the name Drift House begins to make sense. The only help at hand are some not-so-trustworthy mermaids and some really quite decent pirates. Can the children, their uncle and his talkative parrot deal with all the dangers?

Drift Home
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Author: Dale Peck
Category: Junior & Teen Fiction
ISBN: 0747580359
RRP: $15.95

About the Author:
Dale Peck lives in New York. He has written several adult books and is known for his acerbic literary reviews.