Bridging the gap between completing your degree & finding a job


University graduates now have an unprecedented opportunity to jump start theircareers, thanks to Australia's newest and most innovative web-based career readinessadvice and training business, Embark Career Readiness Centre.

Embark is specifically designed to help recent graduates bridge the gap betweencompleting their degree and going to a recruiter and choosing their first job.

It offers an unprecedented opportunity to jump start their careers and is designedaround not only getting that job - but finding the right job in consideration of the careerjourney and what will work best for them.

The new business was founded by Cheryl Hayman, one of Australia's best known andrespected marketers. Hayman has over 20 years experience as a senior marketer inmultinational organisations including George Weston Foods, Yum! Restaurants andUnilever, spanning Australia, NZ and the United Kingdom.

She also owns and manages a strategic marketing and business consultancy, HaymanStrategy, providing a broad range of business and marketing solutions to a variety ofcorporations.

In addition, Hayman has undertaken a number of non-executive board roles includingthe Australian Businesswomen's Network, International Grammar School and the PeerSupport Foundation. She also sits on several industry bodies in an advisory capacityincluding the Australian Marketing Institute. She is the President of the MarketingWomen's Association (MWA), a not-for-profit association that provides a forum forprofessional women working in the marketing industry to network more effectively."Embark was borne out of the recognition that uni graduates are often simply at a lossabout how to get the right job to match their career goals after completing their degree. Ifound that throughout my career I was constantly being approached by students withquestions about marketing themselves, determining what role would best suit them, andhow to interview well," Embark CEO Cheryl Hayman said.

"I realised there was a real need for graduates to have an opportunity for objective andassured expert advice in the form of short, value-added targeted training from peoplewho are commercially experienced and well-connected. Knowing what it's really like towork in industry and what senior managers are looking for from graduates is veryhelpful."

"Embark focuses on students after they get their credentials from whatever institution orschool they choose, and from the very start of this 'real world journey' we are here tochallenge their choices and ultimately to help them to make a well-informed, relevantand exciting career choice," she said.

"From a business perspective, senior executives voice their concern with young peoplejoining their organisations who have not got a passion for their industry, or anunderstanding of what business expects from them.Ultimately, business is on a questfor the best."

A number of expectations will be important in the job search, and include:
o Qualifications
o Style - presentation and "fit" to the organisation
o Tenacity - passion and interest
o Experience - work and life
o Understanding - demonstrated knowledge and interest in their business.

Cheryl Hayman said that there are some clear trends for the future in the marketing andcommunications industries.

"There is a desire by business to be able to leverage an individual's skills across thebusiness. There is also an expectation that opportunities to try something new will beembraced," she said.

"Companies are not just hiring for today, they are hiring for growth into the next role.In the end, they do want to keep their employees and expect this to be a mutualsentiment when graduates join them."

Embark will run and host comprehensive three-part webinar series that are tailored tovarious industries and allows graduates to learn from professionals, learn to makecontacts and connections, and develop practical employability skills.

The first webinar series will commence on June 23rd and will focus on the marketing andcommunications industry and students.

In addition to the webinar series, Embark offers tailor-made assistance with one-on-onesessions, including CV reviews, interview practice and direct feedback.

To participate, Embark students simply need a computer and a telephone line."Embark is specifically an online service which enables us to utilise interactivepresentations, two-way voice and text communication, and tools to create a powerfulonline classroom. It's ideal for the usually time-poor and web savvy university graduate,offering them a dynamic, cost-effective, quick e-learning environment," Hayman said.Following each webinar session, students will receive a transcript, allowing them theopportunity to review training.

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