Public Relations - Glitz and Glamour or Hard Core Career?

Still not sure what job you're suited to? Parents nagging you about your options? Just want to read magazines, organise parties and talk on the phone? Why not consider a career in Public Relations? But make sure you get all the facts...

In a recent survey conducted by APM Training Institute, it was revealed that 81 per cent of students studying Public Relations are female.

The reason you ask? Females enjoy communicating of course! And in an industry where phone calls and organising events are a day-to-day occurrence, it's no wonder Public Relations is such a popular career choice for young women. Although, it is important to realise PR isn't always 'glitz and glamour'.

"PR involves representing the goals and corporate identity of an organisation to the media and its target audience, a PR consultant could be seen as the face of a company. They must have the ability to develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders," Alan Kuczynski, Managing Director of APM Training Institute, said.

Survey results show popular reasons why females choose PR as a career range from dealing with the media, managing events, marketing and writing. But all participants in the survey also understood that to work in PR you must be a hard worker with intelligence and an outgoing, confident personality.

"The students studying PR at APM are extremely hard working and dedicated to making the most of every opportunity. PR is not for the faint hearted, it is a competitive industry and you have to be willing to pursue every avenue," Mr Kuczynski said.

APM graduate, Monique Meredith, completed an advanced diploma in PR and Marketing in 2001, and now at the age of 21 has experienced many areas of the PR industry, from events to dealing with the media.

"Studying at APM gave me an advantage when applying for jobs. I learned that there are many different aspects of PR and a number of skills needed to be successful in the industry," Monique said.

"I always imagined PR to be a career that was out of my reach, but at APM I gained a better understanding of the industry as well as theoretical knowledge and practical experience, that gave me the confidence to work in such a competitive industry.

"In Public Relations, each day is different, you have to expect the unexpected and be ready to run with it. I think that's why it's a female dominated industry, as it always changing, like my shoe collection!" Monique said.

For those interested in a career in PR APM Training Institute is offering free 'Demystifying' workshops starting in November, to help those considering a career in Public Relations, Event Management or Marketing. These workshops are consistently booked out and are not designed as a sales pitch but to allow for potential students to gain industry insights.

APM Training Institute courses are accredited by VETAB and their relevant industry body including the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA). All lecturers at APM are industry practitioners who can offer expert up-to-date advice to students.

For more information on APM's 'Demystifying' lectures or how to pursue a career in public relations, contact APM on (02) 9436 0155 or go to the web site


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